Men’s retreat

We were very privileged Lloyd could be with us during our men’s retreat this spring. He

fit in so well…he wasn’t just a guest speaker, he became part of the family. His genuine care and

love gained respect immediately.

The sessions spoke to each person despite the wide age range present (13-70!). The

teaching got right to it, no tip toeing around issues like pornography, lust, but also fear, failure, a

father’s love, etc. Accountability was a key focus, and of course God’s unconditional love. This

is what the men wanted…not just another nice Christian weekend. They wanted to be challenged

to have their personal  baggage opened and dealt with.

The opportunity a number of men had to meet with Lloyd individually made a lasting

impact on their lives. This personal time was an invaluable addition to the weekend.

Highly recommend Lloyd for men’s ministries!

Discipleship pastor Chris Zielke

Cross Church Winnipeg MB


April 2015