I have known Lloyd and Cathy since 1988. I consider Lloyd a personal friend and trust him as a man of integrity. They have ministered in all of the churches I’ve pastored and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Somewhere during the last decade their ministry took a shift I don’t think they saw coming. God however, knowing the needs of the body of Christ was seeking someone to step forward and drive a nail into the coffin of bondages in the lives of Christians. While Lloyd’s bondage may have been specific and sexual in nature, and certainly a huge area of need in the Body of Christ, many in the Church suffer with bondages of all types. No bondage is outside of the Holy Spirit’s reach and He is interested in setting us free from all bondages.

These weights or burdens are life controlling and God has used New Generation and Lloyd’s story as the catalyst to deliver many. Without fail the altars have been full in each service New Generation has led. Lloyd and Cathy are willing to stay and pray thru with everyone who comes forward if they are given the chance. Truly they have a heart to see people set free and walking with their heads held high in victory.

This together with their musical skills and you are sure to have beautiful services while they are with you. You could give yourself and your worship team a break. Then you could watch while you and your people are blessed, uplifted and strengthened.

They never put pressure on you financially and they are fully sustained in their travel bus.

Pastor you cannot go wrong with this ministry and I recommend you have them every few years as the complexion of your congregation changes about every two/three years.

Feel free to contact me regarding anything said in this letter. I’d love the chance to talk to you about this beautiful family.

M. Cole McClenithan (2013)