This past weekend we had the pleasure of receiving ministry from New Generation Ministry.  Lloyd, Cathy and their whole family, led our seven-year-old congregation in worship and then Lloyd shared a message, interjecting pieces of his personal testimony that brought much freedom to people in our church.
Our church is styled to be sensitive to lost people and Lloyd’s message was honest and authentic.  He was careful to be culturally relevant, using words that could easily be understood, while explaining deep theological and spiritual truths in words that make sense to unchurched people.  The whole family was sensitive and willing to accomplish God’s purposes in a way that matched the atmosphere and thrust of Christian Life Assembly.
Lloyd uses humor and the human condition to aptly relate to conditions in which anyone could find himself and then describes how Jesus enters into those situations bringing freedom.  More than half of our church people responded to Lloyd’s call to gain freedom as they live for Christ, and one person committed her life to Jesus.  More than that, the greater intimacy and community we experienced as a result of the practical steps Lloyd led us in, will have a lasting impact upon our church family.
New Generation has a history, which they understand well, within the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, but can comfortably fit in any style.  I found them eager to learn how best to communicate to our people in our context and believe any church would benefit by having them in to minister.

In Christ’s Love,

Blake Davidson

November 2006