Lloyd and Cathy Vandenberg have been travelling in ministry together for over 25 years touching people’s hearts with their story.  Their family dynamic has been an inspiration to many as their children are involved in leading worship.  Lloyd is ordained with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada and has appeared on various television programs such as One Hundred Huntley Street, Night Light, 700 Club Canada and It’s a New Day.   He has recently authored a book entitled Journey to Freedom.

They are available to do seminars, special events, church meetings and retreats.  Lloyd’s “Breaking Free” message, that tells how Lloyd found freedom from addiction, has been used in a wide variety of settings from a Sunday morning family service, to men’s breakfasts or retreats, to prison chapel services or accountability groups.


Breaking Free

Lloyd shares his testimony of freedom from addiction in a tasteful way that every generation can relate to.  His practical message gives the principles of breaking free from any stronghold in a Christian’s life.  Even children have responded to this message saying, “Thank you for a message that was interesting to listen to and I could apply to my life”.

Freedom Through Forgiveness

Every one experiences hurt in their lives but many struggle with letting it go.  Lloyd’s teaching on forgiveness will instruct people on how to see this happen so the healing can begin .


Breaking Free – Men Only

In the first hour of this three hour seminar Lloyd walks men through his own journey to freedom from sexual addiction.  He gives men practical steps to take to break free from the claws of this addiction.  During the second hour he discusses the affects sexual purity can have on the next generation and some ways father’s can prepare and protect their sons from falling into the same trap.  Finally, in the third hour he covers the benefits sexual purity has on your marriage, and how to have great guilt-free sex.

If you want to book only one session, any of the above can stand alone.

Staying Pure – How to stay free from porn

This one hour session covers the basics of maintaining sexual purity.  Lloyd relates the principles he has learned over the past twenty years since he has become free from sexual addiction.


Living Free – How to help someone who is bound

Cathy relates to family members of addicts how she was able to help her husband find freedom from an addiction to pornography.  She shares the things she learned and how you can help a loved one in their journey to freedom.



Lloyd and Cathy tag team, this four hour seminar, as they teach couples to communicate on an intimate level.  Couples are given an opportunity to participate during each one hour session discussing baggage we bring with us, forgiveness, God’s place in our marriage, and our sexual relationship.

The interactive marriage seminar can also be broken down to a one hour session choosing one of the above topics.

Reference Links

Prior to our arrival it is recommended to have in place a small group. Some ministries we suggest are:  Celebrate Recovery, Journey to Joy by Laverne Weber, Freedom Sessions, Lloyd’s book, Freedom Class from YWAM.  Also, Setting Captives Free is an online course people can do individually.



Lloyd is willing to coach men to freedom via phone sessions. An assessment will be necessary to establish a plan of treatment for the particular type of addiction. A fee will need to be collected from each client to ensure they are invested in the freedom process.


If after ministering at your church Lloyd and Cathy stay in your area, they are willing to offer prayer sessions to individuals or couples who are struggling with deeper issues.