Celebrate Recovery Ministry Leader,

Our CR group was recently very blessed to have Lloyd Vandenberg and his wife Cathy join us

for our meeting and speak to our group.  Lloyd has a powerful testimony of deliverance from the

bondage of an addiction to pornography and he not only shared his testimony of how Christ set

him free, he also brought powerful insights from God’s word on the breaking of any addiction

and had a profound effect on many in our group.

Cathy likewise shared separately with just our ladies and her message of breaking free

from codependency and shame as the spouse of an addict brought healing and encouragement to

many of the women walking through similar circumstances in our group.

We have found that their forthright and open discussion of what is often very sensitive

and difficult subject matter has unleashed a spirit of vulnerability and accountability among our

group that continues to bring healing and freedom to peoples’ lives.

As a result of our positive experience, I would recommend that you invite Lloyd and

Cathy to speak at your ministry as well.  Not only will they bring powerful encouragement as

they share their testimony for you, I believe they would also be perfect as special speakers for a

focused night dealing with addictions, or a seminar or teaching event focused on breaking the

power of addiction through the 12 Christ centered steps.


Lisa Schappell

Life Groups Coordinator

CR Ministry Leader

The Bridge Church

PO Box 422

Hamburg, PA 19526



May 2015