Jonathan: On a daily basis, I wanted drugs. You know, it was like, right after school I needed to go get something, just a different drug just to try it out.

Brian “Head” Welch: I started drinking at 15, and I just, I never stopped. We got drunk, and we got high on drugs; had hangovers the next day. We’d get up and do it again.

Jennifer: I just thought ramming my car into the embankment on a freeway was going to be the best way to get out of where I’d brought myself.

Emily: I’d use different objects, a blade to a safety pin. I would scratch at my skin over and over again.

Woman: One day it just came to the point where I exploded.

Woman: Jesus Christ says hope is possible. It’s there. It’s very much alive. I was so relieved that there was hope. I was so relieved that, like, someone really did love me for me.

Brian “Head” Welch: There’s no words that can describe the peace and the contentment.

Russ: God’s been consistent, and He’s been faithful, and it makes me love Him today more than I ever have. God proved to me that He hears the heart cry of desperate people regardless of where they are.

“Whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.” − Revelation 22:17