The rich Scottish nobles were bought off by the King of England, some by much, but other turned for very little. I wonder how much would I turn for? Can I be bought off by a little of the enemy’s pleasures or benefits?

The sadness of betrayal by the nobles who were bought off by some land, etc. is so sad. Are we any different?

If the enemy of our freedom offers us a position in his government will our resistance to his hellish schemes fade into nothingness?

Robert the Bruce, the rightful king of Scotland was coached by a devilish father who knew nothing of honor, only excellence in compromise. He said the best thing to do is give in to the King’s demands. You can’t beat him so just cave in.

When Wallace fought the knight protecting the King of England and then found it to be his own friend Robert the Bruce, My heart sunk. How could our greatest friend and ally who promised to fight with us, give his help and allegiance to the enemy king?

When the pain and realization of his betrayal finally hit Robert the Bruce, he helped Wallace escape the battlefield. He then revisits the battlefield and see’s what his betrayal did to his own countrymen.

How is our betrayal to the cause of Christ any different?

The full impact of his betrayal, the utter grief of the wives and children of the fallen, causes him to fall to his knees and reconsider what he’s done.

Should we reconsider our collaboration with the enemy?

In the face of his own death, Wallace is implored upon by the future queen, to confess all and swear allegiance to the king in exchange for his life. His words, “If I swear allegiance to the King, then all that I am, is dead already.”

Don’t give up even at the end of your life all that you held dear and true so you can breathe a few more moments.

There’s more to life than just living. Everyman dies, not everyman really lives.

Near the end of the movie Robert the Bruce is told by his father, “At last you know how to hate. Now you are ready to be a king!”

Is this statement true? Do we need to know how to hate in order to really rule? Perhaps we need to know how to really love freedom so much that we hate everything that stands against it!